Thursday, February 27, 2014

2nd Semester in summary

As-salam and glad to extend a warm welcome to this blog..

It's been awhile not to write anything here. Yeah as usual, the lame excuse, just blame on the hectic JAD's life.  But somehow whenever I got a free time, then the wifi wasn't working on a full swing. Pulak dah *sigh*

So as stated on the title above, I'll wholly dedicated this entry to tell everything about what I had been through as the 2nd sem student of the Matriculation year in JAD programme. Okay I'll make it as compact as possible and we're talking about squeezing the whole sem contents in an entry. So buckle up readers!

We're the 107 aspiring engineer-to-be!

The 1st sem was frickin horrific. My 1st ever encounter with Nihon Go, it wasn't started so well actually. Well to make it simple, I pretty sucked in learning the new languages. Just look up to when I studying Arabic back in high schools. Yeah always being left behind the pack, perhaps due to my slow pace in mastering the respective language. 

Then it's time to say hello to the 2nd sem. The horrificness level is becoming greater as we're going to confront Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics all in FULLY JAPANESE. The exception is just only for English & Islamic Studies. As the start of the 2nd sem, the situation can't just turned out to be any tougher. 

Can you imagine to study all of those science terms in Japanese? As I read through a single sentence, there must be some meaning that I can't even comprehend in the 1st place. So it takes time just to key in the words into the electronic dictionary and figured out the meaning on the spot *thanks to our sponsor for the electronic dictionary*. Then it comes to kanji, the most troublesome part of any  sentences. If you can't read the kanji, so you can't basically understand the meaning it brought along. So it will become a real deal to all of us, to look through onto the meaning of the kanji, like the whole time.

a glimpse on my text books

Let's move on to Nihon Go. Alhamdulillah the amount of shukudai that being given were less than the 1st sem. So on average we will receive only 2 pieces of shukudai per day, in comparison with 5,6 pages of shukudai on the 1st sem. But there's a catch - the subjects are getting tougher! So the toughness of Nihon Go is simply inversely proportional to the amount of shukudai given. Well then talking about bunpou (grammar) that getting tougher, dokkai (reading comprehension) that getting longer, the kanji's strokes that getting harder to remember..... So that's the real challenge, as our level to master Nihon Go is getting higher.

The subjects that I liked the most for this sem is no doubt - English! We've learned a lot of making a proposal, writing a business letter, organising a meeting and so on. The number of groups presentation are frequently held too, which I most preferred. The next favourite subject is Islamic studies. Although the lecture is allocated once a week on the duration of 3 hours, we're always tuned into this subject. Ustaz Hassan is very keen towards the students & also has the sense of humour, which makes all of us keep bursting into laughter during his lecture. 

the W class buddies during the last Physics lecture

Another thing that being noticeable, as we going through this sem is the bond that existed between us. Maybe it took quite time to break the ice during the first sem, so we're not getting so close with one another. Now with the class re-shuffle, we're glad to know each other's party as well. When it comes to study matter, we always do it by study group. When it comes in organising an event, we will always lend the hand together to make it all worked. The firmer bond generated, that eventually will build us even stronger as a team. 

The hardest subject for me during this sem is Maths. Especially the probability/combination chapter, where I sucked the most. I personally prefer the Differentiation/integration chapter, it's tough but I really like it. For Physics, the level of understanding for this sem, as compared to the past sem is getting better and also easier. 2nd sem is wholly about electricity & radioactivity contents, which is much easier to understand. For Chemistry, it just being okay. Not so hard, and also not so easy. And the Chemistry lecturer’s name is exactly like mine, Azraai. Hahaa eventually makes me prominent in his class.

some of my Nihon Go lectures *the middle one is the hottest ahaa*

To wrap the sem up, there must be the 'much awaited' final exam. So for a week we had to sit for the final exam. The study week was the busiest week I would rather say. With almost 600++ kanji to remember, confusing usage of bunpou, all the law in Physics, the complex thermochemical in Chemistry, and all of these stuffs, that will make you to stay put on your study desk 9 hours per day. Too bad that the study week felt like flying so fast. Even I’m not the ‘last-minute’ person, the one week allocated for making the final prep was simply not enough. Screw me & say hello to the 1st paper.

To make it short, the final exam was okay kot. Alhamdulillah for Islamic Studies, English & Physics, I answered it with all my best. Chemistry was a bit rushy because the questions were simply too much to handle. It took time to read along the question, then comprehend the questions, also find the exact key word and revise the solutions all in one go. If time allocated was longer, my Chemistry answers would be better I guess. 

the daily routine... early morning revising

For Maths, it was tough indeed! When my sensei told us that Maths paper gonna be easy, yeah all of us expecting it to be as easy as being told. Actually it turned out to be insanely tough! I even skip some questions, as my brain just came to a complete halt, just by looking at the question. Huwarghh screw me! Then it comes to Nihon Go. The easiest paper was Vocabulary. Kanji was mediocre. I forgot 4 kanji and left the answer box blankly. Dokkai, Choukai, Bunpou were all hellish! I never encountered the questions that were this hard. Seriously!

When the exam ended, if you failed any science subject, you need to re-sit the paper. Still now, there’s still no any re-sit call coming through. I just hoped that the call would never come. But then I’m not quite confident with Maths. Still hoping that my Maths will pass the cut of 60 marks and above. In shaa Allah, amin…

So with the end of the final, we managed to organise a simple farewall party. As for some of the sensei, due to the end of working contract in Malaysia, they will return back to Japan. How sad it's gonna be when the sensei that taught you the first letter of hiragana, soon will return back, some 6000 km away. It was a simple yet havoc party indeed. Each of the sensei also gave their farewell speech, and some of them even crying! What a touching moment indeed.

the blasting farewell party

To sum up the 2nd sem, it was truly hectic as usual. But considering the bond of friendship & batch spirit that getting bolder, it's truly make a nice touch to this sem. So as for now, we had successfully completed our 1st year of JAD program. Time do flies so fast. May all 106 of us will succeed to graduate in Japanese universities in the future, In shaa Allah.

"Holding up the blazing pride of our batch, our unity & our 

ultimate dream. Make it realised 皆さん!"

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Langkawi Buddies Trip! (Part 1)

As-salam & glad to wish a nice day, readers!

Time sem break lah time batchmates JAD semua ternanti-nanti. Mana taknya, time camni jela kitorang leh escape from segala kuiz, test, kanji, tutorial, presentation dan segala spesis akademik yang common students nak kena hadap seharian. Before mid sem break lagi geng buddies aku cam dah terfikir, "eh cuti ni tanak plan pegi memane ke?"

Intro pic

Pastu decide punya decide, semua cam setuju nak buat trip to Langkawi. So aku merangkap mastermind trip ni punyalah gigih research blog dan segala jenis pakej berkaitan ngan Langkawi ni. Kemain bukak tiap2 agen semata nak cari pakej rental car, hotel dan pakej excursion yang paling murah dan ok. Tu tak sentuh lagi pasal flight nak ke sana. Bila fikir balik, kalau naik bas dari KL ke Kuala Perlis, pastu naik feri lagih. Tak ke letih+makan masa tu? Last2 decide naik flight. Cepat pun cepat, harga pun nak kurang je ngan naik bas+feri.

So 2 bulan before trip ni dah survey habis dah flight tix. Bukak browser ambik haa sampai lima tab bukak airline website saje. Start dari MAS sampaila Berjaya Air, semua aku dah compare. Tengok2 dapat Air Asia yang paling murah, RM 140 return per pax. Ok kira setuju lah nak book Air Asia tapi time nak purchase tu, ehhh kena service caj lak RM 20 sorang satu. Total jadi laa RM 160 per pax.

flight itenerary

So kira just beza RM 10 je ngan MAS for that day flight! Kalau tahu camnih, memang aku lama dah book ngan MAS terus. Yes beza sepuloh hingget tapi ngan MAS dapat luggage free 30 kg, complimentary refreshments lagi dan paling penting depart dari KLIA, bukan dari LCCT yang cam gudang tinggalan je aku tengok...

Batchmates yang join trip ni semua 8 orang termasuklah pacik planner ni. Geng yang join sekali pun memang geng sekepala je semua, so takdela timbul rasa awkward. Dah memang sekepala, jadi gerenti kecoh laa jadinya. So camnila itinerary yang aku plan for this trip :

  • Air Asia flight tix, KUL-LGK (RM 160 return per pax)
  • Sri Idaman Condo (RM 500 - 2 nights)
  • Island hopping trip (RM 220 - private boat)
  • Rental car - Nissan Grand Livina (RM 220 - 48 hours)
  • Cable car (RM 15 per pax)
  • Underwaterworld Langkawi (RM 30 per pax)

So total semua benda kat atas tu, tolak campur integrate jadi RM 300 per pax je. Ok lahh ngan RM 300 taraf nak pergi Langkawi kan. So buddies trip ni start dari 3rd to 5th Jan, time hujung mid sem break. Sedar tak sedar, hari yang ditunggu-tunggu pun sampai... So our Langkawi Buddies Trip is officially on the move! *laa baru nak start cerita*

3rd of Jan, Friday

My journey started at Kota Bharu airport. Sebab time tu still lagi cuti, semua yang join ni datang dari rumah memasing dan plan nak gather kat LCCT. So dari KB aku depart for KL jam 10 pagi lagi. Time departure dari KB tu delay dalam 5 minit gak, tapi landed 15 mins awal dari jadual kat LCCT. Eh cemana pilot Air Asia buat pun entoh? Jampi ape eh Tony Fernandes pakai kat pilots dia ni? Sampai kat LCCT, terus cari port kat Starbucks sambil buat shukudai yang tak tersiap lagihhh. Tula time cuti satu kerja pun aku tak buat, skang baru nak menyesal. Oh ayat klise.


By 12 pm, almost everyone dah sampai kat LCCT. Lepak jela kat McD dulu. Pastu by 2 pm, dah cukup 8 orang, bersusun lah plak nak masuk boarding hall. Pasal urusan check-in kitorang dah buat siap2 via online, so just print boarding pass dan bawak ke airport. So then berduyun lah 8 jejaka nih tercongak depan pintu P3. Tunggu kejap tu, time boarding dah lepas tapi....... Mana boarding callnye? Tadak pong.

vacay pun vacay gak... shukudai tak siap jangan dilupa

lunch dulu kat McD

lagi 3 lesap mana?

welcoming AK 6310

muka frust flight delay

Even flight crew pun still rancak berborak kat pintu tu. So it became apparent that our flight had been delayed. Sooo typical Air Asia. Betul lah cam orang cakap, orang akan heran kalau flight Air Asia tu ON TIME. Delay? Ohh teramat common harap maklum. We were supposed to depart at 3.30 pm, but the boarding just commenced at 4.15 pm. Spoiled our vacay plan a lil bit for petang tu.

Time bejalan atas tarmac LCCT tu, memang semua habis jadi excited gila. Even bawah sayap Airbus A320 tu pun sempat lagi nak selfie bagai. Abang refuel minyak tu pun naik heran tengok kitorang. Aku pun pelik gak, asal takde orang guna rear entrance? Kitorang 8 je yang ade kat situ time tu. Feelin' cam naik private jet pun ada. Kau hadoo? *tetiba*. So pas everyone onboard, we're ready to flyyy! We took off at 4.30 pm, 1 hour late than scheduled.

AA's massive A320s fleet

otw to board our 'private jet'

atas tangga pun sempat

Time inflight, tengah2 mamai camtu tetiba datang stewardess, siap address aku by name lagi. Oh baru teringat aku ade pre-book Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser for the flight. Coz aku banyak baca review pasal nasi lemak Air Asia tu sedap, aku pun terjebak nak try lah gak. Meal box tu lak kemain panas, bukak je nasi lemak tu fuhhh berasap-asap, ngan bau santan terus fill-up setengah kabin. Serta jelingan macik kat row sebelah.

here comes Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak + 100ml spritzer (RM 10 online)

looks can deceive. maybe nampak tak sedap tapi kebabom okeh

geng share nasi lemak sebekas

Try sesuap...... Woahhhhh memang kebabom! Sambal dia yang pedas-manis, ngan rendang ayam lagi tu memang nasi lomak terbaekkk dari tigaploh ribu kaki. Member sebelah dah jeling2, so kongsi lah kami tiga makan nasi lemak tuu.. Time tu aku rasa aku sorang je yang pre-book meal. Yang lain tak nampak order pape pun? Untungnya kalau pre-book ni, kau akan dilayan dulu. Habis je distribute pre-book meal ni, baru akak pramugari sorong troli yang jual makanan tu keluar kat aisle.

muka kenyang pas lantak nasi lomak

geng row belakang pekena Maggi Hot Cup

about 80% flight load
descending into rainy Langkawi

Pas sejam membelah awan, jeling kat bawah dah nampak dah laut. Tetiba ter-excited tak tentu hala. Eventhough time tu hujan lebat, pilot Air Asia AK 6310 landing smooth je. Kudos to you! Pas je airplane tu park kat gate, memang kami semua kena disembark pakai pintu belakang je, siap kena guna payung lagih. Kitorang semua sengaja nak turun last sekali, ceh nak buat cam plane ni opah kau punya? Sampai je bawah tangga tu, memang gila2 lah berselfie, sampai iPhone Syahmi terjelopok lam lopak air. So percutian dia kat Langkawi dimulakan ngan menyelamkan iPhone. Pun boleh.

geng disembark paling last

Dah delay sejam, off kan balik flight mode kat phone, tengok2 tudia ah 6 missed call dari abang car rental. Kesian dia lak kena tunggu sejam lebih kat arrival hall tu. Pas ambik luggage terus berkejaran cari abang rental car, nasib baik still ada. Fuhhh alhamdulillah keluar pintu arrival, terus ade Grand Livina yang aku book tu terpacak depan mata. Feelin retis lah kejap keluar pintu airport dah ade transport, tunggu nak naik je. Pas sumbat segala beg 8 orang ni bawak ngan bayar deposit, straight je cari Petronas. Minyak memang nyawa2 ikan sardin.

Yang drive Livina ni Syahmi si presiden MPP kita laa. Kalau aku yang drive? Memang terjunam ke selat Melaka lah jawabnya, takpun telajak rempuh Idaman Suri. Amboi sempat berhiperbola. Drive Viva pun tersengguk-sengguk, ehh ada hati lak nak drive kereta sebesar Livina? Ngan bantuan Waze, dapat la cari Petronas. Pas isi tangki RM50 tu, direct je navigate ke condo kitorang kat Kuah. Nama condo yang aku book tu Sri Idaman Condo Apartment. Tak sesat tak terlajak, ngan driving skill Syahmi yang sungguh berto'maninah sekali,  dapat la gak sampai kat situ.

We're on the safe hand of president

For condo rate, dapat RM 250 per night, unit condo 3 bilik ngan 2 bilik air. Semua ade 8 orang so memang takde prob la kalau bab katil cukup ke tak. Time masuk condo tu, terus aku meluru pilih master bedroom. Katil paling besar, ade veranda, siap ngan bathtab lagi, sape tanak? Pastu lepak2 lah kejap sambil on channel AXN. Pastu reramai turun swimming pool semata nak mandi kolam. Condo ni memang sunyi, orang pun tak ramai so area pool tu geng kitorang jela yang conquer. Galak nak mandi sampai slide bebudak 3 tahun pun kami terjah terjun.

Welcome to Sri Idaman Condo

Dah maghrib tu, semua siap2 mandi ngan solat jamak takdim Maghrib & Isya' sekali. Malam tu memang tujuan nak pusing area pekan Kuah. But first cari dulu kedai best nak dinner. Last2 semua decide nak makan kat Restoran Mawar *betul ke nama entah* kat area tasik kat Jetty Point tu. Order kemain lah banyak sensorang, kejap nak ikan stim, kejap nak 3 rasa, kejap tu nak ayam kunyit, pastu tetiba nak cancel lah lauk tu, tambah tom yam ni. Akak waitress tu dah naik tension habeh nak tulis order kitorang yang memang serabai tuh.

geng order serabai *sempat kasik nama*

Tunggu kejap... Makanan yang diorder semua dah sampai, apelagih, terus melantak semahunya diorang nih. Tak sampai 15 minit kot semua lauk ngan nasik dah disapu sebersihnya. Aku first tu memang target ikan 3 rasa dulu lah, cedok sesiap dalam pinggan. Ambik je secubit dua tapi kalau kat rumah aku leh je nak lahap sekor terus selamba. Muahaa buruk perangai.

Yang bestnya time makan tu siap ade fireworks show kat Dataran Lang lagih. Memang sambil makan, sambil tengok fireworks show. Fuhh memang terbaek ahh dinner malam tuh. Haa time nak bayar tu pun 'terbaek' gak ah. So total malam tu RM 95 for table of 8 pax. Eh tapi kira still ok lagi lah kan?

main attention - siakap 3 rasa

tunggu masa nak sapu licin


Pas kenyang perut suka hati tu, jalan kaki lah kitorang semua ni pergi kat area Dataran Lang. Kat situ kebetulan lak ade festival Magikal Langkawi. So tiap malam selama 18 malam, akan ade show performance. Malam tu lak ade fire dance show ngan hanging acrobatic dance *suka hari je taruk nama*, so bertuah gak kitorang malam tu.

Magikal Langkawi festival!

hiyahhh main lawan ngan pedang api

crowded Datarang Lang malam tu

Team yang perform malam tu aku rasa cam dari belah Australia/New Zealand je rupa. Tapi diorang punya performance gempakkk gila kot. Main menari ngan api tu selamba kanggaru je semua. Aku pun sesaje nak test skill, try shoot fire trail guna Tv mode, pastu experiment ngan exposure lain2. Ngan takde tripod, memang mencabar ah nak shoot fire trail ni. So nilah antara hasilnya :

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Pastu ade show acrobatic lak. Acrobats pompuan ni pakai dahla agak tak sesuai, pastu siap pusing2 kat kain tu. Dahla time tu family yang datang belambak depan stage, so performance tu bagi bebudak tak sesuai kot. Yelah dari jauh nampak cam tengah perform pole dance kot. Astargfirullahalazim, tak pepasal nanti pagi esok Langkawi dilanggar todak. Eh todak kat Langkawi ke? Ah kisah ape.

tudiah acrobats kitaaa

Langkawi's spinner

Dekat ngan venue tadi pun ade fun fair. Aku beria nak naik spinner ngan pirate ship tapi diorang ni cam tanak join aku lah pulak. Ngan alasan "Hello we're already 19 dowh".... Yelah yelaaa takyah naik. Padahal aku tahu sangat diorang ni takut nak naik kan? Ingat aku tak tahuuuuuu?

Pas habis berjimba kat situ, terus lah balik ke condo. Ngan sensorang dah menguap-nguap, it's time to hit the bed. Ngantuk punya pasal, driver kita ni tersalah masuk simpang sampai 2,3 kali. Main pusing jela kat area simpang tuh cam orang tersesat dari jalan yang benar. LOL perumpamaan langsung tak masuk. So malam tu semua terus tidur, nak recharge energy for tomorrow's Island Hopping Trip!

So stay tuned for Langkawi Buddies Trip (Part 2)!!!

  • Island Hopping Trip
  • Tasik Dayang Bunting
  • Pulau Beras Basah
  • Eagle Spotting
  • Chenang Beach
  • Water sports activities

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Best of Broga!

As-salam & bid a blissful day readers!

Teringat lah dulu adela satu bukit ni, trending betul laa kalau bab orang nak mendaki ke, hatta yang semata nak berposing sakan pun ade gak. Aku pun pelik, pebenda laa special sangat ade kat Broga tu? Time tu punyalah blur sebab tak pernah pergi lagi kan?

scroll down for further story :)

Pastu time masuk kolej ni eh baruku sedar dekat aje pun kolej aku ni nak ke Broga. First tu pasang niat gakla nak try panjat, tapi nak buat cemana takde masa lagi nak pergi situ. Fuhh at last sampai habis satu sem baru ade masa nak conquer peak Broga Hill ni ngan bacthmates semuaaa!

Ikut plan, pagi Ahad tu lepas je solat Subuh, dah terus gerak. Tengok2 lepas Subuh mana lubang hidong sorang pun tak nampak nih? Betul ke diorang ni nak pergi... ke buat prank kat aku je ni? Nak tunggu sorang2 tu bersiap mak ooi kemain lama eh helo kita nak panjat bukit bukan nak shopping kat Starhill ke hape pagi ni hooi..

So gerak ngan 4 buah kereta, ngan satu kereta tu sampai 6,7 orang sekali sumbat! Memang duduk meraba *eh meriba* sesama sendirilah jawabnya. Nasib baik gak polis takde pepagi hari kat area Semenyih ni kan. Kalau tak??? Haa masuk lokap kang sapa nak tanggung?

Daki pun belum, ehh sunrise dah keluar?

So plan nak daki lepas subuh, semata nak tengok sunrise dari puncak memang tak jadi lah. Ngan pukul 7 baru sampai kat kaki bukit, memang tengok sunrise dari bawah jelaa. Nak masuk parking area kaki bukit tu pun kena bayo 2 hinggit sebijik kereta. Fuh ngan ramai gila orang, memang untung beso lah parking manager tu. Lagi satu, nak masuk toilet kat sini pun seringgit sekali masuk! Aku ni yang just nak basuh tangan pon terus cancel. Over ahh toilet Pavi pun still free what? 

well before start panjat bukit pun sempat lagi nak selfie tuhh

Lepas semua dah sampai, so apelagih terusla start nak panjat bukit! Tengok kitorang semua nih cam rombongan budak tadika la pulak start gerak reramai camtu. Start kat kaki bukit bawah tu okey lah lagi, jalan pun still tak curam, boleh lagi nak bukak memacam gosip yang tak berasas sambil tu. Gerak lagi jauh, hah mulalah terrain dia tu start nak mencuram. Nasib baik gakla time tu tak hujan, kalau tak hiking dalam selut lah geng rombongan tadika tadi nih.

time ni boleh lagi nak jalan terkedek-kedek

Sampai je tengah jalan, aku pusing la belakang... Eh mana semua orang nih? Yang ade kat depan pun just 4 orang. Tudia ahh start naik bukit dalam 30 orang, sampai tengah jalan aik tinggal 4 orang ni je? Pastu lagi naik atas, lagi tu la terrain dia jadi tougher. On the way nak naik tu, memang kena careful laa nak atur langkah, silap je step gedebuk jatuh gaung! Haa pastu naik la sendirik balik takde sapa nak tolong kwangkwangkwang...

break dulu eh akak *Kasmia excited sangat bah*

See how's crowded Broga nih? Tak pepasal
pasni kena buat traffic light pulak atas bukit

Time ascending tu, dari jauh dah nampak cam puncak Broga. Aku pun terdetik cam "Eleh sampai sini jekerrr?". Tudia kemain bersungguh nak panjat 'puncak' tu sampai terhentak kamera yang tersarung kat tengkuk ni kena batu! Fuhh nasib baik kena kat battery grip, kalau kena kat lens memang ikat perut lah aku 4 bulan tak guna duit scholar semata nak kena beli lens baru tak pepasal...

Sampai je kat 'puncak' tu... Ehh? Ni bukan puncak dia lagi laaa! Tulah pasal riak takbur sangat time daki tadi, siap perlekeh "Eleh sampai sini jeker" bagai. Tengok atas, tudiaaa ah panjang lagi rupanya nak sampai atas. So area ni cam check point camtu la, ade satu area lapang, nak break kejap pun boleh. Naik punya penat, pastu tengok belakang, woahhhh subhanallah!! Ni baru kat 1st checkpoint, view pun dah spectacular, ni tak sampai puncak lagih. Pastu tetiba semangat balik nak daki lagi.

We're still half way to go, but heyy look at this!

the 1st check point

The buddies.. suka lahtu ade photographer free pagi nih

still more to go yeaa..

Lepas tunggu ramai sikit sampai kat situ, kitorang pun start gerak balik. Aku dah start feelin pelik semacam cam nak muntah pun ada. Altitude sickness maybe? Cehh baru kat 200m kau dah mengada mabuk altitud pulakkk. Terrain nak pergi 2nd checkpoint tu lagilah curam ngan batu2 besar kat situ sana, lagilah challenging!

Tapi time nilah teamwork tu memang nampak, time orang ni takleh nak panjat, reramai datang tolong tolak pegang naik atas. Pastu kalau orang tu cam bawak banyak je barang, sorang satu offer nak tolong bawak. Woahhh nilah baru kawan sejati gituh

korang pesal? oh tengah shooting katanya

woihh cheq tak redy lagihhh

so next 2nd checkpoint!

Pastu kendian tu sampai gak kat 2nd checkpoint. Cari satu port, pastu reramai bukak bekal, tak malu buat cam ruang tamu rumah sendirik. Ah ape kisah, breakfast time! Alhamdulillah, geng pompuan ade buat onigiri sikit, dapatlah semua makan reramai. Onigiri kot atas bukit. Kau hadoo? Makan onigiri reramai atas batu sambil enjoy view valley kat bawah sambil tu langit membiru ngan awan memutih kat bawah kitorang. Fuhh, subhanallah, truly magnificient!

Time lapar onigiri pun kau bedal secara konsisten 

our breakfast at 200++ metres.. pun boleyy

lepak dulu sambil telan breakfast

Si Muin ni tak habeh soh ajak selfie.. Huh ponat den *padahal aku paksa*

sensasi tol topik perbualan Manjung

Kemain abang kakak kita nih posing.
Next year leh audition masuk ustaz/ustazah pilihan. Eh

Ni Akil. Selamba badak air je ah naik Broga
pakai selipar jepun. Kau mampuuu?

Takleh lama lah kat situ sebab puncak pun tak sampai lagi. Kemain plak kau berkelah sakan ehh? Geng yang tanak naik dah stay kat situ *sambil perabiskan makanan oihh*, pastu the rest go on hiking up to the peak. Sampaila kat satu point ni, nak kena go through batu2 besar ngan tali, baru lah boleh sampai kat peak tu.

Yang ni part nila aku rasa paling tough, siap kena pegang tali kuat2, sambil tolak badan kat atas. Tapi okeyla semua orang still tolong angkat kalau tak, tersepit lah aku kat batu tu nanti kang tak pepasal jadi cam batu belah batu bertangkup lak. Eh sempat kau menglipur lara.

Last obstacle before reaching the peak.
Nilah batu belah batu telangkup tuu

Geng tanak naik dah tu kena tinggal.. 

Pebenda lawak sangat tu? Nanti Wafi jatuh
 atas kau tak kena naya Ben ooi?

Dah semua lepas celah batu tu, jalan panjat redah sikit lagi... Finally.... we conquered the peak! Nampak je signage "Puncak Bukit Broga" terus tetiba terlebih semangat nak posing sana sinih. Members semua dah siap panjat lagi batu reramai, tak kurang gak bergayut kat dahan sana sinih. Amboi kemain aktif.

Area peak tu memang geng kitorang jela yang conquer, buat cam bukit sendirik pulak, pun boleyyy. View dari atas memang takyah cakap la, subhanallah totally superb! Whole area Semenyih ngan Kajang boleh nampak dari atas. Kalau takde awan, memang sampai KL pun boleh nampak.

At last, we conqured the peak!
*beruk je ok leh conteng, beruk saje*

Cover muka penat lelah semata nak bergambo

1 word - Subhanallah!

We're on the peak! *asal takde sape pun semangat nih*

*okey semangat sikit dahh*

aceceh wirawirawati harapan bangsa 

baring pun baring gak nanti tegolek turun bawah aidonno

Lepas habiskan 50% capacity memory card ngan beraneka posing, baru timbul kesedaran nak turun dah. Matahari pun dah makin terik, so nak tanak kena turun la gak. Kalau boleh memang lama lagi ahh nak stay situ, sampai tanak turun pun ada.. So dalam 15 minit lepak kat situ, start ah nak hiking down pulak. Rupanya nak turun bukit ni lagilah menguji kesabaran separuh dari iman tu. Ngan tanah licin, pastu kalau tersadung ke ape memang tergolek-golek bak kambing golek siap ngan momentum tahap maksima lagih.

The view on descend

So turun tu kena slow2, ngan bantuan members, also ngan tali ade kat situ. Aku punyalah turun penuh to'ma'ninah, tapi sampai kat satu area tu, entah cemana kasut tak cukup grip, tetiba jatuh terduduk pastu tergelungsur 2 meter ke bawah *wah sempat kau ukur?* Pastu members semua yang ade dekat tu bukan nak tolong ke hape, pastu bantai gelak secara berjemaah kat aku je reti... Kwanghajaq noh. Nanti aku tolak sensorang masuk gaung kang nanti who cares? Eh jangannn nanti Broga berantu apek jaga parking ngan toilet seringgit tu gulung tikar... Pulak dah

Tak pepasal bergelonsor kat sinih.
Ape kau ingat ni Vuvuzuela?

So eventhough seluar penuh lumpur kat punggong, sampai gak ngan selamat kat bawah. Naik 30 orang, turun pun 30 orang. Takde yang kurang, takde yang bertambah. Eh lain je bunyi nih. Turun2 tu kalut la plak nak cari air mineral. Mana taknya, baru 1/4 bukit didaki, air dah 3/4 botol dah selamat ditelan oleh memberku Dani. Nampak kepentingan bawak air di situh? Kat bawah tu adela sikit gerai2 yang jual nasi lemak, air kelapa, t-shirt Broga bagai. Sempat la gak Dani belanja aku aiskrim kon. Trimasss bro! *padahal nak tebus dia minum 3/4 air aku ahaa*

watpeace je Dani nihh

So aktiviti kitorang pagi tu went on smoothly. Alhamdulillah, ngan aktiviti camnih, ukhwah between batchmates semua nih dah jadi makin rapat. Selain tu, dapat gak enjoy the picturesque view of the nature. Kalimat subhanallah memang tak berhenti-henti keluar dari mulut kami semua time kat sini. Ngan buat aktiviti camnilah, ukhwah pun makin rapat dan pahala pun dapat kan? Complete package gituh

Broga Mission : Accomplished!

In shaa Allah, pasni lagi banyak aktiviti sesama batchmates yang kitorang akan buat. Maybe pasni ngan senpai, daisenpai sekali gak join? Of course the more the merrier right? Conclusively, thanks a bunch guys for making my day! You all were totally rocksss! Till then, just appreciate this golden moment that we had to the fullest, cause it simply - priceless! *even lepas balik kena sental seluar track yang berlumpo kat punggong, tu pun priceless ape?*

Lastly, the photo pick of the day :

Broga Hill, with le JADians, 20th Oct 2013

"The journey are made by the people
 you travelling with" - MAS